Double Dagger Plot EP for March Release

Double Dagger Plot EP for March Release
Baltimore post-punk trio Double Dagger made an impressive mark with last year's loud, intense and fun album More. The record established the band as a force to be reckoned with, and was a fitting debut for their new home at Thrill Jockey. Now, they'll keep the momentum going with a brand new EP.

Called Mask, the five-song effort contains all new material. And with song titles like "Imitation Is the Most Boring Form of Flattery" and "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing," we can surely expect more of the creative, party-starting anthems that the band are known for.

Better yet, the EP is packaged with loving care. The band's own Bruce Willen and Nolan Strals run the awe-inspiring art studio Post Typography, and have taken the reigns for the art of the Mask EP. Printed on both LP and CD, each format will be available in one of three different covers. The covers depict a different mask, printed in metallic ink, with holes cut out where the eyes would go. Depending on how the record or CD sleeve is put back in the case, the character will have a different colour of eyes.

The Mask EP will be released by Thrill Jockey on March 23.


1. "Imitation is the Most Boring Form of Flattery"

2. "Pillow Talk"

3. "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing"

4. "Sleeping With the TV on"

5. "Song for S"