Doppelmoppel Outside This Area

Two guitars! Two trombones! It sounds so fanciful, but the resultant maelstrom is a triumph of persistence, acute listening and a shared East German experience. Outside This Area is only their third album in 25 years, and first in nine years, but it’s worth the wait. One thing’s for sure, it’s likely a more rhythmic affair than the listener might expect. Both Uwe Kropinski and Joe Sachse are very percussive guitarists with a fondness for string preparation and repetition in New York skronk, à la Branca. The can shred incredibly hard and interestingly together, as if Derek Bailey had loosened up a little bit and indulged a few blues licks and some gypsy swing. Both Johannes and Conrad Bauer are incredible technicians, with their trombones able to shift easily between clear tones or exaggerated brass bellowing. They also solo as hard as the guitars, and when it’s on, as in "Walk 3,” it’s like an elephant stampede being choreographed by Thurston Moore. (Intakt)