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Dope BodyLifer
'90s alt-rock bands with notable guitar work (Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine) come to mind while listening to Dope Body's third album, Lifer, but their scuzzy rock also incorporates classic and psych rock, punk and even post-punk ("Rare Air").

The epic opener is a flood of chaotic drums, feedback and squealing guitar, which are all staples on the album. You can hear the slow and low Rage influence on "Repo Man," but the heavy mood gives it a Tool quality, too. "Hired Gun" is a drunken sing-along with thick riffs and classic rock vocals spliced with electrified interludes. The punky "AOL" feels like Pearl Jam on speed, with its jaunty Vedder-esque vocals, which are common throughout (though they sometimes sound like Keidis too, especially on "Even in the End"). The otherworldly intro and bouncy bass on "Day by Day" make it one of the best tracks.

Dope Body deliver hard-hitting rock, employing skill and effects while keeping things more accessible for their audience (heavy alt-rock lovers) than they did on 2012's Natural History. (Drag City)
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