dOP Greatest Hits

Parisian house takes on cinematic proportions, à la film noir, with dOP's first full-length LP. The French trio, made up of Clément Zemstov, Damien Vandesande and Jonathan Illel (JAW), are aided by Emmanuel d'Orlando's sprawling orchestral arrangements and abetted by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra. Manning the sax, Damien meanders within the tracks' cluttered drone, creating a beatnik jazz haze that's part smooth, part neurotic. Glitches in just the right measure, resonating steel pan drums, interruptions from a Brazilian cuica and a Chinese flute, and JAW's distinctive gritty falsetto keep Clément's beat-driven brew from lolling into monotone house. While the title was meant to be misleading, Greatest Hits is in fact apropos: the material is outstanding. (Circus)