Doomriders Grand Blood

DoomridersGrand Blood
Doomriders come with a fine musical pedigree, helmed by Nate Newton (Converge, Jesuit, Old Man Gloom), with their third full-length, Grand Blood, produced by Converge bandmate Kurt Ballou (Godcity Studio). Grand Blood is more wrenching and acrid that their last effort, Darkness Comes Alive, replacing the smooth roll of sludge with broken, shrapnel-sharp hardcore. While there are still plenty of weighty, tarry guitar tones, the mood is angrier, more violent and starving. Newton's vocals still have the spat-out, acidic quality he's come to be known for, but he showcases a greater range here, with a grippingly emotional performance in "Gone To Hell." The album strikes the right balance between the confrontational and difficult, and the hooky and melodic, with compelling songs and powerful riff structures. It's wilder and brighter than their previous efforts, which is definitely a good thing. (Deathwish Inc.)