DOOM Designs His Own Shoe for Clarks Originals

DOOM Designs His Own Shoe for Clarks Originals
In case you missed out on snagging a pair of DOOM's signature Nike SB Dunk sneakers back in 2007, you now have a chance to redeem your supervillain-themed shoe game. This week, the metal-faced rapper announced his own special twist on Clarks Originals' Wallabee shoe.

According to a press release, DOOM's new shoe comes as part of Clarks Originals Pioneer project and takes the classic shape of Clarks' Wallabee. His design, however, juices up the shoe with "reflective, metal-like stitching" and features an embossed image of the rapper's mask on the heel. It also has an inner-lining filled with several masks, and has an insole signed by DOOM. Also included in the package is a haiku penned by the supervillain himself.

You can see the shoes, which arrive on February 14, above.

"Only rich cats had these back in the day," DOOM said in a video trailer, which you can see down below, adding, "they always had a classy yet casual look to them, so I thought how can I add that metal face touch to it without taking away from that feel."

As part of the project, DOOM is prepping as-yet-unspecified remix. The press release notes that the rapper/producer went to the Clarks headquarters "to capture the sounds of Street."

Whatever he recorded there will be incorporated into a remix that will land on the Clarks site on March 13. A video will also be served up as part of the Original Pioneer project.