Donkey Nodding At The Universe

Toronto band Donkey are big in Romania. Their last album, Kickback, had a song that stayed in that country’s Top 20 for 14 weeks, something that any band should be proud of. But after listening to their second album, Nodding At The Universe, I’m thinking that the Romanian charts must be really, really terrible because this is a painful record to listen to. The music is dull, with questionable production values, irritating guitar solos and uninspired arrangements. But it gets worse. The lyrics are just awful, rhyming at any cost no matter how bad they might be. Example? Well, take the anti-war song "Killing Field.” The first four lines are "You burned down our homes, you splintered out bones. I’m covered in blood, I groan in the mud,” and so on. Every couplet made me cringe more. Plus singer Alex Radeff emphasises each rhyme as if to convince the world how smart he is. Nodding At The Universe is an appallingly bad album. (Independent)