D.O.N.D.O.N. Last Warning

Even at its most derivative, there’s always something unique and intriguing to the Japanese take on heavy music. In the case of late ’80s/early ’90s crust punks Detestation Of Negative, Destruction Of Nuclear, that impact is twofold. First, hearing someone scream their brains out to Doom-, Cryptic Slaughter- and Amebix-influenced punk that borders on noisecore in their native tongue adds a new dynamic to the genre. Pacing is approached from a different perspective, as is delivery. There’s also the fact that without the stifling elements of scenesters, the band are free to experiment with simple elements. Even something as banal as a keyboard or echo infused into overdriven guitar lines, rumbling bass and agitated drumming redefines borders and creates a fresh mood. Most importantly though, the fact that these guys are so committed to their rage ensures that each of these 15 tracks — though sounding like they were recorded in a tin can buried six feet underground — continues to feel as venomous, belligerent and tortured as the day they were recorded almost two decades ago. (Schizophrenic)