Donald Rubinstein's Score to George A. Romero Classic 'Martin' Reissued

Donald Rubinstein's Score to George A. Romero Classic 'Martin' Reissued
It turns out there may be real magic after all, as the long out-of-print soundtrack to horror master George A. Romero's vampiric, psycho-sexual masterpiece, Martin, is making its way back onto vinyl. Donald Rubinstein's score is getting, um, revamped for a May 21 release through Ship to Shore/One Way Static/Light in the Attic.

A press release confirms that the soundtrack to the 1978 flick is about to be pressed onto vinyl for the first time since the late '70s. Rubinstein's work — full of morose chamber pieces, neoclassical soprano vocals and '70s jazz-funk — will be available on black wax, with limited runs of 500 also appearing on marble "Blood" red vinyl and "Transylvanian Flashback" black and white swirl.

Packaging-wise, the repress features new artwork from Brandon Schaefer. An illustration of a pair of fangs and a razor blade, it alludes to title character Martin's struggle with a bloodlust thrust on him by his family's Old World superstitions.

The soundtrack release also features liner notes from Rubinstein and actor John Amplas (a.k.a. Martin). You'll find the tracklisting details down below, as well as a sampler for the set and the original movie trailer.


1. The Calling / Main Title
2. Train Attack
3. Phased
4. Tat Cuda's House
5. Martin At The Butcher Shop
6. Antique Chase With Villagers
7. Garlic Chase #6
8. Martin Goes To The City
9. Christina Leaves
10. Halloween
11. Modern Vamp
12. Chant
13. The Calling (Reprise)
14. Braddock / Chase
15. Back To Me
16. Crawling Sequence
17. Martin Martin Martin
18. Marie - Interlude
19. Evocation
20. Fly By Night
21. Exorcism / Classical Funk
22. Stake, Well Done!