Donald Glover Reportedly Sued by Former Record Label

Glassnote Records is claiming Childish Gambino owes the company streaming royalties
Donald Glover Reportedly Sued by Former Record Label
Photo: Stephen McGill
Donald Glover signed a deal with RCA earlier this year for new Childish Gambino material, but it seems that his past is coming back to haunt him, since he is reportedly being sued by former label Glassnote Records over unpaid streaming royalties.

According to TMZ, Glassnote Entertainment Group filed the sued against Glover, claiming that he has earned more than $700,000 USD in streaming royalties without paying anything back to the label.

Meanwhile, Glassnote reportedly claims to have paid Glover $8 million in royalties, with another $2 million to go in the coming months. According to the label, Glover demanded $1.5 million to settle their disputes over royalties.

UPDATE (7/10, 4:45 p.m. EDT): As Billboard now reports, Glassnote has clarified that it is not in fact suing Glover. Contrary to TMZ's initial report, the label has said it has only filed a complaint, requesting that a judge mediate the contract dispute in court.

Glover nor his team has publicly responded to the news of the lawsuit.

Prior to signing with RCA, Childish Gambino released his albums Camp, Because the Internet and Awaken, My Love! through Glassnote. Back in 2014, he vented some frustrations about his record label on Twitter and wrote, "im done. someone buy me out of this contract."