Don Pyle and Andrew Zealley The Law of Enclosures

Members of Greek Buck, Pyle and Zealley have composed a superb soundtrack to the movie by John Greyson, featuring Sarah Polley on vocals and Eric Cheneaux on guitar, among other spectacular musicians. Though I have not seen the film, the music certainly has inspired some spectacular inner-cinematic visions. By far the best parts of this album are the violin, viola, and cello string arrangements that sound crisp, easily qualifying as classical music movements of 21st century composition. From the darker, eerier moods to the exhilaratingly sublime, yet in this case more of the latter, beauty is clearly made to prevail. In addition to being accomplished electro-acoustic performers, Pyle and Zealley have proven themselves first-rate composers and have done an excellent job of finding just the right musicians to articulate their vision. (Independent)