Don Lennon Downtown

Now this is a fun release, especially for anyone who would enjoy hearing pot shots at the Dave Matthews Band. On Downtown, his third release, the Boston-based Lennon devotes not one but two songs to Mr. Matthews and he even sings in the first-person as Dave on "Matthews Comes Alive.” Lenny Kravitz, Kramer and John Cale all find themselves under Lennon’s lyrical scrutiny, as do the Mekons and the Boston music scene itself. If Lennon’s songs were immature or unprofessional, this album could easily wear thin and be dismissed as a mere joke, taking jabs at the world of "alternative” rock just for the hell of it. In reality, the music and singing style on Downtown are very accomplished and the catchy guitar pop serves as a perfect backdrop to his interesting and highly witty commentary. The cultural subject matter takes centre stage here and Lennon shares his views in a matter of fact songwriting style that is not only interesting but memorable as well. (Secretly Canadian)