Domino To Reissue Classic Flipper Albums

Domino To Reissue Classic Flipper Albums
San Francisco's Flipper were one of punk rock's most notorious bands. Arty and unusual, they never received their due despite influencing the majority of modern music's most infamous - and arguably overlooked - artists, such as Krist Novoselic, the Melvins' King Buzzo and Henry Rollins.

Those three actually lend a hand to the oddball, frenetic outfit by providing liner notes to the recently-announced CD reissues of both Flipper studio albums, 1981's Generic (aka Album Generic Flipper) and 1984's Gone Fishin'. In conjunction with the releases, Public Flipper Limited, a collection of live recordings spanning 1980 to 1985, and Sex Bomb Baby, the 13-track singles compilation previously released in 1995, will also be revisited.

Thank Domino Records for sharing these bits of punk rock history with us. All of this will be waiting for you on store shelves June 29. If you can't wait that long, pop out and grab the ten-inch vinyl version of Sex Bomb that will be hitting a few days earlier on June 22.

"In 1980, 'Sex Bomb' became the new 'Smoke On The Water,'" writes King Buzzo. "What serious punk doesn't know how to play 'Sex Bomb'? That is the level of influence they've had on my generation. They're important. Face it and learn."

In response to why Domino has omitted 1992 effort American Grafishy, they note, "The band understandably never really recovered from the death in 1987 of iconic frontman Will Shatter, the result of a heroin overdose before the release of Public Flipper Limited... the Shatter-less band recorded a new album, American Grafishy, produced by Rick Rubin, but it wasn't up to much. Diehard fans might disagree, but the Domino re-issues cover pretty much all that's worthwhile in the Flipper oeuvre."

Now, when is someone gonna reissue this classic Flipper?