Dom "Champagne Blues"

Dom 'Champagne Blues'
Remember Dom? He emerged in 2010 with a wild backstory and an exceedingly catchy EP, but, following another slightly less memorable EP, he changed his name to Kiss 1O8 and seemingly dropped off the map. Now, he's returned with another single from Dom.

"Champagne Blues" is a bright, buzzy electro-pop song with a groove that's restrained and melancholy despite being joyously catchy, sounding a little bit like the Twin Peaks score with a dance beat. It holds up nicely against past highlights like "Burn Bridges" and "Living in America."

Stereogum reports that the Dom has an album called Sweet & Sour in the works, but there's no word as to when it will be out. For now, hear "Champagne Blues" below.