Dom "Bowl Cut" (ft. Cults)

Dom 'Bowl Cut' (ft. Cults)
Dom and Cults were two of 2010's breakthrough buzz bands, as both groups earned a deluge of hype with their early singles. It's only fitting, then, that the two acts should team up on a song.

Dom recruited Cults to sing backup on the new single "Bowl Cut." The track offers more of the same gritty guitar pop and lo-fi electro shimmer that made last year's Sun Bronzed Greek Gods such a winner. It sounds like a straight-forward rocker until around the 38-second mark, when the harmonies enter and a keyboard pushes it into more dreamy terrain.

If you go to Dom's website, you can also check out the B-side, which is a remix of the same song by Aislyn.

"Bowl Cut" is out digitally via Black Bell Records. A seven-inch will follow on February 8.

DOM - Bowl Cut (Feat. Cults) by weallwantsome1