Doldrums "She Is the Wave" (video)

Doldrums 'She Is the Wave' (video)
Yesterday (November 6) was a big one for Toronto electronic weirdo Doldrums (aka Airick Woodhead), considering he both released his "She Is the Wave"/"Dysphonia" 7-inch and delivered details on his upcoming Lesser Evil LP. Today seems pretty cool too, though, as he's launched an oddball video for "She Is the Wave."

The clip finds Woodhead sporting ski boots and a hazmat suit while he navigates his way through a desert setting with a shopping cart full of sound equipment. After a few miles of cranking out the cut in the midday sun, the dude collapses of exhaustion, but thankfully he gets rescued by a guy driving a Cheshire Cat-shaped car.

You can catch the video down below.

As previously reported, Lesser Evil comes out February 26 through Arbutus.