Dogme 95 The Reagle Beagle

The Reagle Beagle is a fictional tale in which Nick Wright, aka Dogme 95, journeys with Charles Darwin on the H.M.S Beagle during his round-the-world voyage. The songs are supposed to reflect Darwin’s studies and between lyrics that remind you the songwriter is travelling on a boat, "Bring Back Pangaea” opens with the sound of water in a hull, Wright sings about evolution, origin of the species and survival of the fittest. The tracks are catchy, written in the tradition of acoustic guitar, foot stomps and handclaps. Wright’s been compared to early, Beck and Smog, and this sound is strongest on tracks like "There’s a Land That We’re Beyond.” Wright overdubs his vocals to bring added depth on songs like "Bloody Basin,” and though the album states it was written with a central focus on evolution the lyrics are more about "salty minds and salty air/I’m the one you want tonight” with the occasional Darwin reference thrown in. The subject of evolution is the perhaps what restricts the album’s potential but the undertaking is interesting, after all: "Who will risk all for discovery?” (Empyrean)