Dog Fashion Disco Anarchists of Good Taste

With so many bands trying to push the political correctness envelope and outdoing each other in the "we bet your mom hates us more than..." department, it's nice to have a band that realises what a joke the pissing match has become. (The last band to do it with any success was Gwar.) If their name isn't enough to tip you off that they're all about the joke, Dog Fashion Disco's songs surely will be. On a cursory level, the 11 tracks on their debut might sound like something you'd expect to hear from Slipknot or Mudvayne or any of those "evil" sounding nu-metal bands, but take another listen. The lyrics are hysterically satirical and the thrash racket is infused with keyboards and flute, for Christ's sake. This is the album Mr. Bungle would have made after their debut if, instead of exploring the John Zorn side of their sound, they'd gone in the other direction. Funny and musically adventurous. We could use a few more bands like Dog Fashion Disco if for no other reason than to knock some other bands down a few pegs. (EMI)