Dog Day Prep New Album, Brief Tour

Dog Day Prep New Album, Brief Tour
When we first heard Dog Day back in 2007, Exclaim! called them "one of the best surprises in Canadian music", and really, two years later you could say the exact same thing. For a bit a proof, just check out the Halifax power-poppers new freely downloadable track "Rome,", which we're pleased to announce comes from the band's forthcoming new full-length.

Dubbed Concentration, this follow-up to 2007's Night Group is now officially in the bag, the band tell us, and will be ready for release in late April courtesy of Outside Music, with special vinyl edition being handled by Black Mountain Music in Canada and Tomlab in Europe. Concentration was laid down with production wiz John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.) at the boards and, according to the PR, weaves together "the sound perfect for dancing with the skeletons in the closet," while sounding "like a cross-section of the scenes that existed in Manchester and Athens during late '70s and early '80s." And from listening to jangled-up "Rome," it sounds as if we are indeed in for quite the fuzzed-out pop treat with Concentration.

Along with the upcoming new full-length, the band also plan to head over to see Eric Tripper Rick White and record two new tracks for an upcoming Dog Day seven-inch, which will feature one song specifically written by White for the group. And while we don't know a lot about the new single, Dog Day have confirmed the tracklisting for Concentration, as well as announced a few live dates in the lead-up to the album.


1. "Happiness"
2. "Neighbour"
3. "Wait It Out"
4. "Stray"
5. "Saturday Night"
6. "Rome"
7. "You Won't See Me On Sunday"
8. "Judgment Day"
9. "Youth Of Destruction"
10. "Don't Worry About The Future"
11. "Peace"

Dog Day tour dates:

3/6 Fredericton, NB - The Capital
3/7 Montreal, QC - The Green Room
3/9 Peterborough, ON - Montreal House
3/11 Hamilton, ON - Casbah
3/14 Toronto, ON - The Drake
3/15 Ottawa, ON - Zaphod Beeblebrox