Dog Day Afternoon Four Folds Farm, Ennotville ON August 19

Though Highway 401 did its best to fuck shit up, Dog Day Afternoon proved why it’s an eagerly anticipated summer event. Held on a functioning farm with limited tickets, it’s a family (plus dog, cow, and chicken) friendly labour of love, featuring an annual, headlining set by the Sadies. Blending old-fashioned folk and edgy indie rock, this year was intriguing. Strapping on an electric for a change, Shannon Lyon’s Richard Buckner-esque voice and rich guitar tone fared well. Former Lucinda Williams bandleader/producer Gurf Morlix charmed but his rustic songs were bland. Feeling out of place, We’re Marching On managed to charge things up with their contrary sounds. The highlight was certainly Toronto’s Bruce Peninsula, a righteous post-punk gospel group that served up powerful supper-line music. Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy impressed, with guitar wizard Jesse Whiteside compensating for visibly ill vocalist Brad Giefert. Highway accidents and traffic jams delayed some out-of-town bands. Though he was very late, there was no valid reason why Rolf Klausener of the Acorn couldn’t play his expected solo show, but out he sat. Late themselves, the Sadies received a round of applause just for driving in and went on to play another stunning set, including new treats like "The Trial.” All told, Dog Day Afternoon was satisfyingly scrappy.