Dog Day Night Group

Anyone can ply their trade in indie rock these days. Find your local hipster hangout, throw together a bunch of friends and, voila, you’ve got the beginnings of an indie rock band. But can they be any good? Usually that question can partially be answered by the frenzy the band whip their crowd into. With this full-length debut, it seems that Dog Day have definitely got the catchy part down pat. Taking a page from the lovely urgency of similar bands like the Diableros, the songs here are endlessly hummable and, gee whiz, even fun. Take the badly named, but absolutely fantastic, "Gayhorse,” which contains a galloping tempo, beautiful boy/girl trade-offs and a sublime climax where the pounding drums and keyboards swoon. "End of the World” also easily charms with understated vocals, a nifty tempo and spiky guitars. A criticism may be that Dog Day just don’t separate themselves from the current glut of Canadian indie people, but I think it’s completely unwarranted. This is an amusing, breathless, melodic as hell debut that definitely is worth whatever attention this band will whip up by keeping those cool kids dancing.

(Black Mountain, (Black Mountain)