The Doers The Plastic Bass EP

With The Plastic Bass, one of Vancouver’s most promising bands continue to refine themselves and broaden their range. Where Ready, Set… Do and the I Can Enjoy Almost Anything EP (released together on one disc last year) captured the Doers in roots that were as indebted to Minutemen style acoustic punk (Mike Watt himself even lent his bass skills to some of the EP’s tracks) as they were to silly and fun indie rock, The Plastic Bass finds them heading further into upbeat realms of goofy fun. Singsongs about "sweepin’ those leaves” and "Doin’ Yr Taxes” are fleshed out with off-the-cuff vocal harmonies, the occasional pennywhistle or flute and a whole lot of pop energy. With eight songs whipping by in a mere 17 minutes, The Plastic Bass acts as both a jam-packed effort in its own right and a solid and fulfilling teaser for the full-length they’ll be dropping next spring. It’s also collectable as it’s limited to an edition of 500 — so act fast! (Red Cat)