The Dodos Prep New LP for March Release

The Dodos Prep New LP for March Release
With their third album, 2009's Time to Die, San Francisco-based folkies the Dodos expanded to a three-piece (adding vibraphone player Keaton Snyder) and teamed up with big-name producer Phil Ek. Unfortunately, fleshing out their sound robbed the group of some of the uniqueness, which is why we're happy to report that they will going back to the basics for their next album.

In a new interview with Pitchfork, singer-guitarist Meric Long revealed that the currently untitled new Dodos album is expected out on March 8 via Frenchkiss. It will feature the two-piece lineup of old, as the band recently parted ways with Snyder.

Of the new recordings, Long said, "Listening to the different mixes -- one with vibraphone and one without -- we all just responded to it a little bit better when the vibraphone was off."

He said that the album was almost finished, with the bulk of the recording done during a two-month session that ran from August to October. Explaining that he had been listening obsessively to Neil Young and the Ramones, Long said, "It doesn't sound quite as raw as [2008's] Visiter, but it has the energy of that record. One of the things that we intended to do was to really just to make a record that was exciting, almost to the point where it might be unlistenable. We just wanted the energy to come across."

For the sessions, the band teamed up with John Askew, who also produced the group's first two LPs. Still, don't expected it to be quite as stripped-down as those albums, as Long admitted, "We definitely can't pull it off live with just the two of us. There's a lot of shit on there. There's a lot of overdubbed electric guitars, and there's some strings"

To tide yourself over over until the new album comes out, be sure to download the band's free digital album Live from Akropolis, Prague.