Doctormanette The Same Thing Over & Over

I'd never heard of Doctormanette before picking up The Same Thing Over And Over, but I wish I had. Doctormanette play ska-core à la Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but without the politically conscious lyrics and gravelly voice of Dicky Barrett. Doctormanette vocalist John Peacock sings in the style of MU330 or Buck-O-Nine. His high, sometimes whiny tones clash with the heavy guitar riffs and rockin' rhythm section to create a very interesting effect. The 12 songs on The Same Thing Over And Over are third-wave fast, poppy ska ditties infused with elements of reggae and the ever-present metal riff. The somewhat sappy, Goldfinger-style "boy meets girl/boy loses girl" lyrics fit in nicely with the musical mood swings from ska to hardcore to reggae to punk. Although the songs are catchy, well written and decently performed, there is still a tinge of the trademark generic Jump Up! sound on the album, which is likely to hold Doctormanette back from any widespread popularity. (Jump Up)