A. Dobson

Lost Broadcast

A. DobsonLost Broadcast
That Alan Dobson guy has done his homework. Armed with a Kawai SX-240, Octave Kitten, Ensoniq ESQ-1 and bass guitar, the South London producer (also known as Ghosty and Arcadion) has created a whole album full of fresh tunes in the vein of John Carpenter and Goblin scores. Lost Broadcast is entirely instrumental, letting its dark funk guitar, gnarly analog bass lines, quirky synth hooks and haunting pads set the moods. It's unashamedly retro library music, here to inspire and enliven a new generation of slasher flicks and sci-fi b-movies.

The punchy rhythm section and distorted synth lead on "Drift" brings to mind a post-apocalyptic biker gang on the prowl, while "Extensions" has an easy '70s porno vibe, with a slinky bass line and saucy electric piano. The echoed lead and murky bass line of "Octave Shift" begs to be a zombie movie theme, while the sweet synth manipulations served over a steady jazz-funk beat on "Don't Trip" could be in a French art-house pic directed by Quentin Dupieux. Lost Broadcast is guaranteed to break the ice at parties, if you happen to party with people who buy every Death Waltz Records reissue. (Rotary Tower)
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