D.O.A. Win The Battle

Joey Keithley is a man who refuses to give up. After a recent stab at the acoustic solo thing he's back fronting the Vancouver hardcore stalwarts he helped form a quarter of a century ago. And of course, he's still angry, but with a sense of humour. The familiar territory is crossed here, with a batch of political songs like "Just Say No To The W.T.O." and "Warmonger," Canadian pride on "I Am Canadian" and some goofiness on "Beer Liberation Army" and "Mexican Holiday." The inclusion of the ZZ Top classic, "La Grange" seems a little odd, but a new version of "Fuck You" done up in a bluesy arrangement borders on the bizarre. The piss-take on metal, "Curbstomp The Devil," is also worth a chuckle. This isn't likely to win them over any new fans, but the old ones will get some enjoyment out of it. (Sudden Death)