D.O.A. to Get Back to Their Roots with Talk - Action = 0

D.O.A. to Get Back to Their Roots with <i>Talk - Action = 0</i>
Back in January, we told you about Vancouver, BC punk lifers D.O.A. recording their upcoming 13th studio album, This Machine Kills Fascists. Well, a release date and a new name for the disc have now been announced.

The album will now be called Talk - Action = 0, which has long been a favourite T-shirt slogan for the band. It will be released on June 8 through Sudden Death Records, despite being originally slated for a May 1 release.

The first single for the album, for the tune "I Live in a Car," is available now at this location at iTunes. (American readers can get it here.) You can also pre-order the album here.

Talk - Action = 0 was produced by D.O.A. main man Joey "Shithead" Keithley and Chon (who also was involved in mixing and engineering D.O.A.'s Live Free or Die). D.O.A. are currently rounded out by Floor Tom Jones on drums and Dirty Dan Sedan on bass. The album is said to be a return to form to the band's classic early punk sound.

D.O.A., who celebrated their 30th anniversary last year, will be doing some European and U.S. touring this year, where they will play three of their classic albums, Hardcore '81, Bloodied but Unbowed and War on 45, "pretty much verbatim," according to the press release, as well as songs from their last two discs. Head here for the dates.

D.O.A.'s last studio album was 2008's Northern Avenger. Sudden Death recently reissued D.O.A.'s '85 album Let's Wreck the Party. And head here to order the Shithead Throbblehead!

The band also just released a video for I Live in a Car. Check it out: