Do Make Say Think / Vidulgi Ooyoo / On Sparrow Hills V-Hall, Seoul, South Korea February 21

Do Make Say Think / Vidulgi Ooyoo / On Sparrow Hills V-Hall, Seoul, South Korea February 21
While the Korean music scene has always continued to thrive and evolve, the lack of shows from touring foreign acts has definitely been felt across the peninsula. Major props go to local promoters Super Color Super for trying to rectify the situation, and booking the most engaging gig so far this year. It was impressive to see several hundred jam-packed in V-Hall to catch the Korean debut of Do Make Say Think, with local supporting acts Vidulgi Ooyoo and On Sparrow Hills.

The evening started off with a bang, with a short, but enthusiastic set from On Sparrow Hills. Made up of expats from Canada and the U.S., they quickly hooked the crowd with their infectious sounds akin to a punchier Wilco and Guided By Voices. While they held their own individually on stage, the band members shared vocal duties, and a yet a maintained a playful cohesiveness. With a newly released EP, The Sitting Choir, On Sparrow Hills are quickly developing a sound and a fan base that could easily take them beyond Korea's borders.

After a short break, Vidulgi Ooyoo took the stage, and proceeded to blissfully lull the audience with their trademark ethereal soundscapes. Vidulgi Ooyoo (meaning "pigeon milk" in Korean) are a band of Korean musicians who have established themselves as one of the country's most talented acts in recent years. Although comparable to My Bloody Valentine and Mono, Vidulgi Ooyoo have also drawn up their own musical Mercator lines through experimentation, and it shows.

While many were familiar with the subtle aspects drawn from Do Make Say Think's recordings, few anticipated the bombast and full throttle set that the Toronto band dropped on Korea. Right out of the gate from the first song, they came out blazing with all the subtlety of a fart in church. Between the blaring horn section, violin and the interplay between guitarists Charles Spearin and Justin Small, the room became immersed in a glorious din of ecstasy.

The night was made up mainly of tracks from their latest album, Other Truths, as well as several pieces drawn from their previous releases. Throughout the performance the band switched between instruments, and at one point took the show directly into the roaring audience.

There's no question that Do Make Say Think proved once again that they are true purveyors of musical alchemy, keeping their Korean audience mesmerized for the duration of their flawless performance. Both Korean and foreign audience members alike expressed the hope that Do Make Say Think return, hopefully sooner than later.