D.O.A. Keep Going and Going with New DVD

D.O.A. Keep Going and Going with New DVD
The Energizer batteries of punk rock, Vancouver's D.O.A., just keep going and going. They never seem to stop, as their 2008 full-length Northern Avenger clearly proves. It's their best in years and has sparked a great deal of revived interest in the band.

At that, front-man Joe "Shithead" Keithley and crew have decided to release a 30th anniversary DVD in celebration of their endless successes. Dubbed The Men of Action, the release will be issued via the MVD Entertainment Group on August 11.

And what exactly does this offering entail? Well, you little hardcore heathens will be quite pleased to know that not only will it boast a copy of the aforementioned Northern Avenger with 12-page booklet, but the DVD itself is a compilation of the group's visual history, comprised of 26 songs. Ten of those tunes will be the band's legendary storyline videos and the remaining 16 are represented live. Snippets of Keithley discussing the band's history will be offered as well.

The Men of Action tracklisting:

1. "D.O.A."
2. "Disco Sucks"
3. "World War 3"
4. "New Age"
5. "Get Out Of My Life"
6. "Last Night"
7. "War"
8. "001 Loser's Club"
9. "Fuck You"
10. "I'm Right, You're Wrong"
11. "America The Beautiful"
12. "Liar For Hire"
13. "General Strike"
14. "Fucked Up Ronnie"
15. "Lumberjack City"
16. "Midnight Special"
17. "The Warrior Lives Again"
18. "Let's Wreck The Party"
19. "2+2"
20. "The Prisoner"
21. "Behind The Smile"
22. "Death Machine"
23. "I See Your Cross"
24. "We're Drivin' To Hell N' Back"
25. "Police Brutality"
26. "Human Bomb"