DJs Are Not Superstars Sonar, Vancouver BC - April 3, 2003

As gimmicks go, DJs Are Not Superstars is among the least talented ones in dance music. Comprised of Alexander Technique and Princess Superstar, the DJ duo tortured a smattering of West Coast hipsters with a poorly mixed collection of fashionable electro, nostalgic pop and straight-ahead rock. The turntable team's performance was more about shtick than it was about skills, as the fork-tongued Superstar berated dancers with falsely aggressive taunts and cliché call-and-response routines. Because the DJs were armed with only a small crate of records between them, and because I witnessed the duo play a similar set in Miami in late March, you get the sense that Superstar and Technique rolled out the same routine every night on their North American jaunt. What's worse, the spinners couldn't even keep time, exacerbating the monotony of its rehearsed routine by mismatching tempos across four turntables. What a mess.