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Django DjangoBorn Under Saturn
Django Django play hard to get. Guitarist/vocalist Vinnie Neff's coolness in his vocals is part of the appeal — it demands not getting too excited for the next song, but of course, when we're not supposed to do something, that makes us want to do it even more. His aloof voice is fitting considering the band's relaxed writing style; when they wrote their 2012 self-titled debut album, drummer and producer David Maclean would work on their music in his bedroom wearing pyjamas.
Whether the four musicians wrote Born Under Saturn in onesies or daytime attire, Neff's vocals have largely stayed the same. They settle nicely into the mix, and make the dynamic music the main focus of interest. The biggest departure in the band's new album is the focus on catchy melodies, thanks to Neff and bassist Jimmy Dixon, who lent their knack for writing catchy melodies to this album more than ever before. Where "Default" stuck out independently on their debut album, Born Under Saturn has many more memorable tunes, such as "Shake and Tremble," "4000 Years" and "Vibrations."
Between its laid-back vocals, surf guitar and stomping percussion, Born Under Saturn makes a strong claim to being your ideal beach or road trip companion this summer. (Ribbon)
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