DJ Wally Nothing Stays the Same

Jazz music gets funked up on Nothing Stays the Same like it never has before. DJ Wally, in the game since the mid-’90s, has a musical style that can best be described as experimental jazz succinctly paired to mellow hip-hop grooves with a warm chill-out vibe. In Nothing Stays the Same your ears will be willingly dragged through a musical journey of DJ Wally’s mind and thankfully the path is clairvoyant, unobstructed and on higher level. You won’t find any lyrics throughout this CD, but you won’t feel the lack thereof as DJ Wally’s mindset is on solid beats, sophisticated rhythms with stand alone sustainability and musicality. Be forewarned, some tracks on the release are very experimental; while you can’t condemn a man for going for it, Miles himself would be like, what the hell? But having said that you’ve never heard anything quite like this album and appropriately so, nothing in this set stays the same so it’s worth a listen or two. (Thirsty Ear)