DJ Task / Various Hello… Tuphan?

Hailing from Toronto, Tom Kuo, aka DJ Task, has been at the forefront of the techno scene in T-Dot since ’98. Task is a member of the internationally respected Wabi crew, a group of designers, architects, visual artists and musicians who are known for their inspired events in which warehouses, galleries and nightclubs are transformed to create one-of-a-kind celebration spaces. Task has eagerly collaborated with many artists and musicians over the years on countless projects, including the release of Hello… Tuphan?, which features visual work by respected graffiti writer Toye, and design by Elysha and Sayla Seeds. This DJ mix is a seamless exploration of the dark, acidic and otherworldly aspects of dance floor techno music inspired by the twisted voodoo beats of No Future from the UK. Task’s mixing is on point in terms of matching rhythms and feelings of tracks, creating new musical magic in that tension between two similar sonic ideas. And although many individual songs stand out on their own, in this case, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts, using records to build the story of Tuphan the trickster. Hello… Tuphan? is a stellar mix of underground goodies packaged as a hand-printed, silk-screened story book, put together with much love and care; it’s got the kind of passion that you can hear in the mix and coming out of your speakers!