DJ Spooky Dubtometry

Remix albums are pretty easy to do well. When someone goes to the trouble to make an entirely different full-length release of remixes, it's usually because the source material lends itself to wilful reinterpretation — or you're Shania seeking to erase all traces of twang for non-U.S. markets. So it's no surprise that Dubtometry is a very successful remake of Spooky's Optometry, which itself was a collage of contributions from Thirsty Ear instrumentalists William Parker, Matthew Shipp et al. The disc is "hosted" by Lee Perry who contributes his usual ramblings throughout. Spooky’s abstract beats are further crunchified by artists ranging from Negativland to Twilight Circus. More so than on Optometry, Dubtometry gives ambience and beats equal weight, and bizarre turnarounds are encouraged. This isn't a great leap forward in remixing, but it’s a well sequenced disc with Perry’s vocals giving it the feel of a concept album. I'm hoping to hear a further remix of this remix album — maybe Thirsty Ear can put one out every year. That's when things will get really interesting. (Thirsty Ear)