DJ Spinna

DJ Spinna Presents The Sound Beyond Stars

DJ SpinnaDJ Spinna Presents The Sound Beyond Stars
DJ Spinna has established such a formidable presence in underground hip-hop circles that the impressive diversity of this producer and remixer's output is often overlooked, making the 27-track The Sound Beyond Stars (which compiles some of his best house mixes) a welcome and particularly revelatory release. The Brooklyn-born Spinna (aka Vincent Williams) was exposed to boogie and post-disco on the radio and at clubs like the Paradise Garage, so it's not surprising that the majority (and best) of the selections here boast soulful vocals and inventive and jazzy arrangements.
Shaun Escoffrey's "Days Like This" is a stone classic of soulful house and it gets a breezy, summertime treatment here. The joyful vibe is sustained on cuts like the cosmic boogie of Escoffrey's "Space Rider," Robert Strauss's relentless "Spinning Inside Your Love" and the nocturnal foray of Bah Samba's lush and seductive "Moonlight." A few cuts, like Tortured Soul's "Why," are too slick and comparatively directionless, but overall, The Sound Beyond Stars is a first-rate serving of deep house. (BBE)
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