DJ /rupture Announces New Album as Jace Clayton

DJ /rupture Announces New Album as Jace Clayton
New York artist DJ /rupture is best known for his cut-and-paste approach to genre-defying electronic music. This year, however, he'll release a new album under his birth name, Jace Clayton.

The release is called The Julius Eastman Memory Depot, and as you may have guessed from the title, it's a concept album about the gay African American composer, poet, singer and dancer who passed away in 1990.

Using Eastman's original compositions as source material, Clayton has re-imagined the work with help from pianists David Friend and Emily Manzo along with Sufi vocalist Arooj Aftab. There's also an original Clayton composition called "Callback from the American Society of Eastman Supporters."

In a press release, Clayton explained why he chose to expand on Eastman's original ideas, saying "I interpret the open-ended, irreverent nature of Julius Eastman's legacy as a call to conversation.... Reverence can be a form of forgetting."

The Julius Eastman Memory Depot will be available on March 26 via New Amsterdam .

The Julius Eastman Memory Depot:

1. Evil Nigger – Part 1

2. Evil Nigger – Part 2

3. Evil Nigger – Part 3

4. Evil Nigger – Part 4

5. Gay Guerrilla – Part 1

6. Gay Guerrilla – Part 2

7. Gay Guerrilla – Part 3

8. Gay Guerrilla – Part 4

9. Gay Guerrilla – Part 5

10. Callback from the American Society of Eastman Supporters