DJ Rap & Kenny Ken Present Brave New World

Originally co-released on Rap's Proper Talent and Ken's Mix and Blen' labels, this mixed compilation knocks us on our collective asses with flawless selections and mixing courtesy of two of jungle's biggest names. This is a veritable who's who of the current British production scene, with a heavy favouring of crews close to Rap and Ken's camps. The comp opens with G-Squad's blistering title track, as followed by Mikey Finn and Special K's "Rich Get Richer" anthem and Hybridz killer remix of Rap's own "Spiritual Aura." A dark, driving, frenetic and furious dance floor favourite, this one gives a taste of what is to come from this well-respected duo. Rap and G-Squad join forces on two dance floor mash-ups, with the tough-as-nails "Frequency" being a particular crowd pleaser. A-Sides provide a little bounce with their wicked remix of "Clap to This," and Kenny Ken does just that with his own stormer, "M3." The list continues - Randall and Flex, DJ SS, DJ Hype's "Tru Playaz" anthem, and Ray Keith with his familiar hardcore flavours and distinctive, dramatic flourishes à la "Shark Attack." This North American version of the CD rounds out with a new, bonus track from Hybridz. "Strength" is hard, but soulful, with sweet vocals and acoustic guitar samples adding a new dimension to offset the crushing beats. Brave New World is recommended listening for those who want to feel connected to last night's massive jungle throw-down - and those who want to sneak a peak. (Intuit-Solar)