DJ Rap Synthesis

Rap tore up the UK jungle underground for years alongside the biggest names (like Kenny Ken on "Brave New World" in 2000). With over 200 releases on her label (Propa Talent) since its beginning in 1994, Rap has made a name for herself as a manager of two labels, a DJ and a producer. She also makes waves as a singer and songwriter, like here on Synthesis, crafting songs like individually cut, vibrant pop gems, with insightful lyrical value. Musically, sounds queue in as a kind of pop trance rock with no shortage of grindy guitars and unique electronic samples. There's a nice use of tribal, masculine vocals backing Rap on first track "My World." Synthesis shows Rap's movement from the hard and gritty jungle she's most well known for into the world of smart pop. Fans of her other work need not fear, as Rap's simultaneously working as half of the live drum & bass act Metasyn. (Ministry of Sound)