DJ Rap Propa Classics Vol. 1

Forget the cleavage. Forget the sell-out pop album she did for Sony. Remember the reason you know the name DJ Rap. Breaking into the vaults of her label Proper Talent, Charissa Saverio brings out a high-end series of drum & bass hits - most either produced or remixed by her - bearing deft beats and rubbery bass lines that are only emphasised by the occasional female vocal or dubby toast laid over-top. Aside from the two new cuts, the explosive Madonna wannabe "Deep Inside," with Danny C, and the Freestyler's remix of "Spiritual Aura," most of the tracks date from the mid-'90s, when drum & bass was arguably at its artistic peak and DJ Rap was helping to lead the way. Despite the light speed velocity with which jungle tends to evolve, the skittery yet melodic music on Propa Classics doesn't sound dated, like old house tracks tend to. This is why we cared in the first place, and a half-decade later it'll still makes you want to dance two ways at once. (Intuit-Solar)