DJ Me DJ You Can You See The Music

The L.A. duo of Craig Borrell and former child TV star Ross Harris are back on a new label with their third release, and this time their quirky brand of lo-fi, sample-happy computer pop comes together really well. A few of the tracks retain their tongue-in-cheek stabs at electro-pop, like "Fresh Technology” or "Trouble.” However, they prove that they are more than just wacky knob twiddlers with vintage electronic gear and computers when they utilise real instruments and a funky backdrop that gives root to these well thought-out rhythmic pop songs. Naturally, they continue their tradition of bouncing from style to style, and all the while their obvious mission of having fun is present. For the most part, the album is smooth and enjoyable, thanks to the fact that they keep their samples and equipment experimentation to a minimum. As a bonus, the album comes with a DVD of videos and assorted clips, which are surprisingly amateurish, considering Harris has directed videos for Elliot Smith and Beck. Overall, a funky package that further challenges us to rethink our tendency to categorise music. (Eenie Meenie)