DJ Logic The Anomaly

Turntables (when used as instruments) are the link between hip-hop and jazz that first drew Guru's attention back in the day, but few scratch DJs have been able to capitalise on this as successfully as NYC's DJ Logic. First gaining prominence with "alternative" jazz combo Medeski, Martin and Wood, with whom he became an unofficial fourth member, Logic then became a top session turntablist for hire before going the bandleader route with Project Logic. The Anomaly is the quintet's second outing - though jazz greats John Medeski and Vernon Reid also join in on the fun, as does rapper Subconscious. The record successfully mixes avant-jazz soundscapes, replete with sax solos, flute jams, tablas and even a didgeridoo, with dub, house and hop, both hip and trip. But unlike Kid Koala's overly buried theatrics with Bullfrog, Logic's wheels of steel always remain front and centre, lobbing cuts and scratches with almost as much emotional impact as the saxophone and way more funk. (Ropeadope)