DJ Le Blanc Wildlife Compilation One

Wildlife is the latest sub-label of Dutch label Black Hole Recordings, which also houses progressive trance-house darling BT. Formed as an outlet for deep club or progressive tunes, it inaugurates its inception with this compilation release from DJ le Blanc, who brings his listeners to the crossroads of techno, house and trance. Kicking off the mix with an energetic track from Kiko, which has a kitschy but oddly memorable hook, le Blanc keeps the sensual vibe going with one sparkling house track after another. Witness the sweet transition from Jaimy and Kenny D's "Keep on Touchin' Me" to renowned Chicago house producer Jesse Saunders' "Excited." Never dropping the groove, le Blanc includes Trevor Rockcliffe (previously on Blake Baxter's techno-inflected house mix), featured here doing "Moomba" - a raw but kicking number that slides easily into Beta Blocker's "The Ultimate (DJ Antoine re-mix)." These tracks manage to sit side by side with the trance and techno flavoured tunes, even doing a "trumpet thang" without there being any discordance in the mix. The mood is always urgent and passionate in this compilation, which never lets up the pace, sustaining high-energy dance tunes. But it's always the appearance of those anonymous diva vocals on featured house tracks that gives the mix its uplifting and deeply sensual inflection. You only need to hear Big Time Charlie's "Mr. Devil" and another number by Jaimy and Kenny D., called "Caught Me Running," to picture the singing, swinging, sensual bodies on the dance floor. (Black Hole)