DJ Khaled Kiss The Ring

DJ KhaledKiss The Ring
He doesn't make beats and he doesn't rap (although he talks enough shit in his countless ad-libs), so what exactly does Khaled do? Who knows? One thing, however, the Miami-based commercial rap figure does impeccably well is call in favours. On his sixth studio album, Kiss The Ring, Khaled goes through his hip-hop Rolodex yet again and compiles a strong collection of MCs and producers to add some shine to his latest musical collage. With everyone from Kanye West and Rick Ross (who team up to brag and boast on the grating "I Wish You Would" produced by Hit Boy) to the Runners/Khaled-produced bachelorette party favourite, "Take It To The Head," featuring Breezy, Rozay, Nicki Minaj and Weezy, Kiss The Ring plays out exactly as you expect: big, boisterous, shiny and bloated. To be fair, there are the standard couple of dope tracks, like the grimy, Boi-1da-helmed "Suicidal Thoughts," featuring Movado, and the uplifting ode to the art form, "Hip-Hop," featuring Scarface, Nas and Preemo. Bottom line: you know what you're getting with a DJ Khaled album; it's your call whether you choose to enjoy or hate on it. (Universal)