DJ Jojo Flores / Various Globe La Collection

Following in the footsteps of Buddha Bar, this is a collection that pairs fine music with exceptional cuisine. Globe Restaurant, located on trendy St. Laurent in Montreal, is a nightspot/bistro that prides itself on providing a unique dining experience that is both urban and refined — in other words, it’s a classy joint with a DJ booth and hip music as a central focus of the "dining experience.” DJ Jojo Flores lays down two mixed compilations here, "Dinner” and "Dance”. The "Dinner” disc provides warm soul and jazz inspired cuts that are fairly mellow yet groovy enough to keep your toes tapping quietly under the dinner table. "Dance” turns up the volume and the pace, making for a disc full of Latin and jazz flavoured house music that Flores is known for. You’ve got to wonder though, after all that food and a couple of glasses of wine, who’s got the energy to dance? (Fusion III)