DJ Iain Presents Carole Pope Transcend

The latest from Toronto house label, Play Records, Transcend is a total disappointment. Carole Pope’s post industrial cyberpunk vocals are transformed in countless ways by 16 uninspired remixers and the results are mediocre at best. The most interesting mixes seem to have only miniscule sprinkles of Pope’s vocals. Transcend seems to have been misguided on a deeper level in the sense that many of the remixes are dubiously labelled, for instance, Matt C’s "Tribal House” mix, which is more like a progressive track with a canned funky break thrown in. Jamie Long’s "Underground House” mix as well is a fully electro number (and probably one of the better remixes on the comp.). There is even a mix dubbed "Adult Contemporary” and it’s completely formulaic trance shortened to the length of a pop track. Avoid this unless you really love the Pope. (Play)