DJ Heather / Various Dancefloor Principles

DJ Heather is another export from the Chicago house scene whose aptitude as a DJ speaks for itself. This is her first mixed CD and for a first time effort, it is definitely the right step at the right time towards immortality. Anyone who has had the opportunity to be in the presence of DJ Heather spinning live already knows the girl can throw down on some tables, a feat that many DJs have been unable to carry over into a compilation set. But on Dancefloor Principles DJ Heather has managed to overcome that freshman quandary and has brought the aura of the dance floor experience of her live set into this mixed CD. This is a hardcore techno-house album, no doubt! At times it leans more on the repetitive and monotonous techno side than anything else but nonetheless has a great flow. The road can only get wider and longer with DJ Heather in the driving seat and after hearing this album you’ll want to go along for the ride. (Nordic Trax)