DJ Five & Pizzo / Various Backpack Thugs 2005 Megamix

Despite the fact that mash-ups are so played out this year and people have taken to calling them "blends,” there is no denying the visceral thrill one gets from hearing what happens when song "A” is crammed over song "B.” Five & Pizzo also do something neat here, taking the underground lyrics over the overground beats. Whether it’s "Smart Went 50,” which mixes a Fiddy beat with some dope Atmosphere spitting, or "Hollaback Vegas” with Murs and Slug getting wild in Sin City over Gwen’s smash beat, there’s something here for your 14-year-old sister and those backpack kids you stopped hanging out with a couple years ago. The mix CD’s only original track, Skillz "05 Wrap Up,” is essentially a document of every single thing that happened in 2005 rap — though it’s so long it actually feels longer than 2005 did in real time. (Ocean)