DJ Assault Jefferson Ave.

DJ Assault's last mix, Off The Chain for the Y2K, was a piece of ghetto-tech turntablism at its most brilliant and brutal. Jefferson Ave. is the man's highly anticipated artistic debut - that is, as a producer - and it's disappointing enough to reverse all of his past praise. Once again, he's got a handful of tracks, like "Nipples-n-Clits" and "G-String," that exhibit a profane, and hence anthemic, infatuation with the female body. It starts out as good, old fashioned, politically incorrect fun, until he starts hitting us off with lines like, "bisexual bitches that do they friends/I love y'all hoes for letting Assault join in." Curiosity wears thin as the frequency of "Assault fuck me harder" and a relentless surge of hoe-hating rhymes escalates. The disc is misogyny, straight up the ass, which by the time we get to the involuntary blowjob on "The Busto Brothers" is totally unlistenable. The beats don't help either. Unlike the jacked-up frenzy of Off The Chain, Assault's production amounts to little more than a banal electro-bass forms with the occasional 808 g-funk. "Accelerated Funk" displays some synth wizardry that would make even Kraftwerk proud, but the rest of the disc amounts to little more than a soundtrack to pornographic indulgences. (Intuit-Solar)