Dixie's Death Pool Drops 'The Man With Flowering Hands'

Dixie's Death Pool Drops 'The Man With Flowering Hands'
For twenty years now, Vancouver-based experimental improv artist Lee Hutzulak has been delivering records with a revolving cadre of musicians under the name Dixie's Death Pool. Unsurprisingly, the open-door policy is still in effect on his latest outing, the Gothic country-tinged The Man With Flowering Hands.

A press release for the disc, which drops courtesy of Drip Audio on November 22, reports that while Hutzulak wrote recorded and mixed the affair, a number of his buddies stop by to lend a hand. Culled from groups like Myths, They Shoot Horses Don't They? and Fond of Tigers, among others, the musicians that appear include Lief Hall, Stephen Lyons, Shane Krause, Rachel Wadham, Meredith Bates, Toby Carroll, John Mutter, Todd Hutzulak, Michael Priebe, Katie Dey, Frederick Brummer, Coat Cooke, Madoka Hara, Igor Santizo, Russell Scholberg and Kim Stewart.

Just as eclectic as its personnel are the tunes, which were mostly improvised during recording sessions at Hutzulak's home studio. Tracks like "Sunlight Is Collecting on My Face," which you can stream below, feature a litany of instruments straddling the electro-acoustic tag, from xylophones, violins, acoustic guitars and harps and to electronic embellishments and "stratospheric synthesizers." The press sheet goes on to explain that "traditional instruments, electronic noise, malfunctioning gear, homemade percussion, repurposed junk, foley sounds and field recordings are all seamlessly woven into a full rendered, utterly unique fantasy world." You can get an additional sample of the headiness below via a video clip for album track "Tranquilizer."

The Man With Flowering Hands

1. "Sunlight Is Collecting On My Face"
2. "A Return To Science Fiction"
3. "Tranquilizer"
4. "The Passenger"
5. "The Man With Flowering Hands"
6. "Chuck Will's Widow"
7. "Specular Haematite"
8. "Let's Sleep On Beautiful Plans"
9. "Paper That Folds Itself"
10. "A Bird Is Suddenly Inside"
11. "Sky Woman's Directive"
12. "Disorganized Thoughts"

Dixie's Death Pool - Sunlight Is Collecting On My Face by Drip Audio