The Dix The Art of Picking up Women

It’s difficult for one not take notice when Prince Paul ventures into a new project, especially when it’s a smaller scale project that is overshadowed by the likes of Handsome Boy Modeling School, making it just that much more sought after. With the first break beat dropping on high-paced "Here Comes the Dix” it seems like we’re in for an amazing ride of faux-funk by the fictitious Dix, but in the end The Art of Picking up Women seems like an underdeveloped idea that could have been as huge as Lovage. Still, there really isn’t too much to go on with this EP release as there’s really only four full-fledge songs that range from the reggae-laced "Tears in My Eyes” to the soul ballad "I Luv U Girl.” The only rough spot is the rather annoying "When I Come Home to You” which is filthy in its lyrics, and not terribly funny, though done in an old doo-wop style that keeps with the illusion that the Dix are Prince Paul’s ultimate crate-digging discovery. The constant references such as the Dix "coming in the back door” continue on the bonus DVD which plays out like an old PBS documentary. Again the potential for greatness by combining one of hip-hop’s greatest producers, a fake soul singing group and comedy wears thin on the single joke. Still, "Here Comes the Dix” is an amazing funk number that may wind up in Paul’s greatest hits archive, but the The Art of Picking up Women is really just a small nugget of musical leftovers that probably arose from one night of drinking among friends. (Smacks)